KF5 Porting Status

Updated: 2019-02-20 02:10 UTC

(Unfinished repositories) Full status

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akonadi-airsync    (master)                
akonadi-calendar-tools    (master)                
akonadi-exchange    (master)                
akonadi-git-resource    (master)                
akonadi-google-applets    (master)                
akonadi-googledata-resource    (master)                
akonadi-sugarcrm    (master)                
akonadi-vkontakte    (master)                
akonadiconsole    (master)                
akunambol    (master)                
alkimia    (master)                
amarok    (master)                
amor    (master)                
apper    (master)                
appmenu-runner    (master)                
appstream-runner    (master)                
artikulate-data    (master)                
assemblygen    (master)                
atcore    (master)                
atelier    (master)                
audex    (master)                
automoc    (master)                
babe    (master)                
baloo    (master)                
bangarang    (master)                
binschema    (master)                
bluedevil    (master)                
bookmanager    (master)                
breeze-grub    (master)                
brprint3d    (master)                
cagibi    (master)                
calligra    (master)                
calligraplan    (master)                
cirkuit    (frameworks)                
clazy    (master)                
cmetronome    (master)                
cocoon    (frameworks)                
colibri    (master)                
colord-kde    (master)                
conquirere    (master)                
contour    (master)                
cutepaste    (master)                
cxx11-cmake-modules    (master)                
declarative-plasmoids    (master)                
dekorator    (frameworks)                
dferry    (master)                
digikam    (master)                
discover    (master)                
ebookreader    (master)                
elf-dissector    (master)                
extra-cmake-modules    (master)                
eyeos-style    (master)                
ffmpegthumbs    (master)                
flickr-runner    (master)                
gcompris    (master)                
gestures-kde    (master)                
heaptrack    (master)                
homerun    (master)                
isoimagewriter    (master)                
jovie    (master)                
jungle    (master)                
k3b    (master)                
kaccessible    (master)                
kaddressbook    (master)                
kairo    (master)                
kalarm    (master)                
kannasaver    (master)                
kapptemplate    (master)                
kard    (master)                
kartesio    (master)                
kaudiocreator    (master)                
kbibtex    (master)                
kcachegrind    (master)                
kcm-grub2    (frameworks)                
kcm-userconfig    (master)                
kcmgrub2    (master)                
kcolorchooser    (master)                
kcoloredit    (frameworks)                
kcwsh    (master)                
kde-dev-utils    (master)                
kde-runtime    (frameworks)                
kdebugsettings    (master)                
kdeclarative    (master)                
kdeexamples    (frameworks-scratch)                
kdepim-addons    (master)                
kdepim-runtime    (master)                
kdesudo    (master)                
kdev-clang-tidy    (master)                
kdev-control-flow-graph    (frameworks)                
kdev-cppcheck    (master)                
kdev-perforce    (frameworks)                
kdev-php-formatter    (master)                
kdev-qmake    (master)                
kdev-qmljs    (master)                
kdevelop    (master)                
kdevplatform    (master)                
kdf    (master)                
kdisksutilities    (master)                
kdots    (master)                
kfilereplace    (master)                
kfritz    (master)                
kget    (master)                
khipu    (master)                
khotkeys    (master)                
kimtoy    (master)                
kio    (master)                
kio-mtp    (frameworks)                
kio-upnp-ms    (master)                
kipi-plugins    (master)                
kirigami-gallery    (master)                
kjots    (master)                
kleopatra    (master)                
klimbgrades    (master)                
klinkstatus    (master)                
klook    (master)                
kmail    (master)                
kmail-account-wizard    (master)                
kmenuedit    (master)                
kmix    (master)                
kmplayer    (master)                
kmuddy    (master)                
knemo    (frameworks)                
knewstuff    (master)                
knipptasch    (master)                
knotes    (master)                
koko    (master)                
kolena    (master)                
kolourpaint    (master)                
konqueror    (master)                
kontaminuti    (master)                
kopete    (master)                
kor    (master)                
korganizer    (master)                
korundum    (master)                
kparts    (master)                
kpaste    (master)                
kpeoplevcard    (master)                
kplayer    (master)                
kppp    (master)                
krecipes    (master)                
kreenshot-editor    (master)                
kremotecontrol    (master)                
krename    (master)                
krita    (master)                
krono    (master)                
ksaneplugin    (master)                
ksaolaji    (master)                
kscd    (kf5)                
ksecrets    (master)                
kservice    (master)                
ksnapshot    (frameworks)                
kst-plot    (master)                
kte-collaborative    (master)                
ktechlab    (master)                
ktp-contact-list    (master)                
ktp-desktop-applets    (master)                
ktp-kded-module    (master)                
ktp-text-ui    (master)                
ktuberling    (master)                
ktutorial    (master)                
ktux    (master)                
kube    (master)                
kubeplayer    (master)                
kuser    (master)                
kuserfeedback    (master)                
kvkbd    (master)                
kwallet-pam    (master)                
kwalletmanager    (master)                
kwhiteboard    (master)                
kwindowsaddons    (master)                
kwooty    (frameworks)                
libbluedevil    (frameworks)                
libechonest    (master)                
libkcw    (master)                
libkdeedu    (master)                
libkfbapi    (frameworks)                
libkoralle    (master)                
liblikeback    (master)                
libqapt    (master)                
libqgit2    (master)                
libqinfinity    (master)                
libqsystemd    (master)                
libqzeitgeist    (master)                
libtagaro    (master)                
libtmdbqt    (master)                
lightdm    (master)                
macaw-movies    (master)                
mangonel    (frameworks)                
marble    (master)                
massif-visualizer    (master)                
mbox-importer    (master)                
mrdanga-player    (master)                
mtp-server    (master)                
mula    (master)                
muon    (master)                
notably    (master)                
notificationsurvey    (master)                
okular    (master)                
oxygen-gtk    (master)                
pairs    (frameworks)                
person-viewer    (frameworks)                
peruse    (master)                
phoneblocker    (master)                
phonon    (master)                
photobook    (master)                
pim-storage-service-manager    (master)                
plasma-angelfish    (master)                
plasma-camera    (master)                
plasma-crystal    (master)                
plasma-desktop    (master)                
plasma-framework    (master)                
plasma-lionmail    (master)                
plasma-maliit-framework    (master)                
plasma-maliit-plugins    (master)                
plasma-mediacenter    (master)                
plasma-mycroft    (master)                
plasma-pk-updates    (master)                
plasma-samegame    (master)                
plasma-sdk    (master)                
plasma-settings    (master)                
plasma-systemd-integration    (master)                
plasma-tests    (master)                
plasma-workspace    (master)                
plasmate    (master)                
plasmoid-eventlist    (master)                
polkit-kde-agent-1    (master)                
polkit-kde-kcmodules-1    (master)                
polkit-qt-1    (master)                
print-manager    (master)                
propagator    (master)                
publictransport    (kf5)                
qca    (master)                
qmlweb    (master)                
qtatspi    (master)                
qtcurve    (master)                
rekollect    (master)                
rekonq    (frameworks)                
rsibreak    (master)                
samba-mounter    (master)                
scribo    (master)                
sflphone-kde    (frameworks)                
share-like-connect    (frameworks)                
silk    (master)                
simon    (kf5)                
smaragd    (master)                
snoretoast    (master)                
spacebar    (master)                
stackfolder    (master)                
svgmod    (master)                
syntax-highlighting    (master)                
systemdgenie    (master)                
systemsettings    (master)                
tikzkit    (master)                
trojita    (master)                
tupi    (master)                
twine2    (master)                
ufw-kde    (master)                
umbrello    (master)                
wacomtablet    (master)                
wicd-kde    (master)                
wiki-reader    (master)                
xsettings-kde    (master)                
yakuake    (master)                
zanshin    (master)